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Glenn Smith

Managing Director Asia Pacific
InoTec Pty Ltd
Born 17/08/1969

Extensive experience in the office technology arena since 1984, Glenn has worked in every facet of the industry and has experience which is invaluable to InoTec. He has had factory training as an engineer on the InoTec equipment and has vast experience in client and project management situations.

1) 3 years field service technician on Multi-Function Devices for print / copy / scan

2) 17 years experience in MFD Sales Management

3) 1 Year Experience in Offset Print Industry as Sales and Production Manager

4) 6 Years Experience in Business Process Outsourcing with a Kodak owned Bureau in West Australia. During this time Glenn consulted with major Government and Commercial organisations to plan, implement and run ongoing business processes and short term major projects.

5) Owner Operator of Smiths Office Solutions for 11 Years with vast experience in client, supplier and staff management.

6) Managing Director and majority share owner of InoTec Pty Ltd since 2009 with experience in international business, contract negotiation, project management and consulting.

Peter Schnautz

InoTec Organisationssysteme Pty Ltd
InoTec Organisationssysteme GmbH
Born – 6/4/57

University: Justus Liebig Universität Gießen
Subjects: political economics, law, pedagogy, history, psychology
Degree: M.A. Social Siences (grade: very good)
First occupation: scientific assistant at the Institut für Micrografische Datenspeicherung (IMD) Institute for Micrographic Data storage in Bad Nauheim.
Next: Cotroller, staff executive, head of company organisation at a microfilm company.

Since 1992 CEO and shareholder of InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme. Since 2004 Chairman of InoTec Pty Ltd in Australia. Since 2001 Member of the board of the VOI, head organization for the Document Management branch in Germany. Since 2005 until 2009 Vize Chairman of that organization. From 2009 member of the advisory board of the VOI.

Peter sits on the board of directors for both the factory and the Australian subsidiary and is the CEO of InoTec Organisationssysteme GmbH. He is one of the founding members of InoTec and has vast experience in the scanner industry, manufacturing, large projects, Global distribution and relationship management.

Mark Petts

InoTec Senior solutions Consultant
Asia Pacific Region

Mark has Over 20 years’ experience in corporate ownership, business solutions and business Process Optimisation consulting.

Fully Factory Trained on all InoTec Scanning Equipment. Has overseen major installations in all States. Currently Key account Manager for InoTec Asia Pacific Across commercial and Government Business.

Zac Zubovioc

Senior Technical Specialist
Asia Pacific Region

Zac is our Factory trained Australian Technical specialist. Zac has many years’ experience in the IT and imaging space and has overseen such installations and maintenance for organisations such as ATO, ASIC and Large Bureau Services.

Continuous factory training and client projects varying from smaller commercial to major corporate and government ensures his skills are constantly up to date.