Since Mekel Technology created the first production-level microfilm scanner in 1989, they have continued to advance the field of microfilm digitization hardware through the MACH-Series roll film scanners.

The MACH12 is a high-volume microfilm scanner that provides the highest resolution images in the series through the use of a 12-bit camera with 12288 pixel array and precision lens. The advanced optics and camera system provides unrivaled tonality, depth of field and resolution to any microfilm scanning project and provide high text OCR accuracy due to their exceptional image clarity.


Quantum Software
All MACH-series high-volume microfilm scanner models include the revolutionary Quantum software suite. Quantum software ensures that each microfilm image is captured, eliminating the need for rescans.

Hybrid Approach
Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microfilm scanning allows clients to outsource the digitization to Crowley’s Digitization Services branch and process the images in-house using QuantumProcess software.


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