Onsite and Remote Maintenance and Service Delivery

Inotec Pty Ltd is a leading service provider catering to a diverse clientele, including Government Agencies, State Libraries, State Archives, Large Universities, Bureaus, and both Listed and Private Companies.

Our extensive service coverage spans across all states, territories, and cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Key Service Tasks
Our dedicated team of professionals excel in a range of crucial service tasks, including:

  • New scanner installations
  • Onsite and remote break-fix support
  • Hardware and Software expertise
  • Online and onsite training
  • Onsite Preventative Maintenance servicing
  • Software and Firmware upgrades

Service Calls

Between January 2022 and October 2023, our service team executed a total of 231 service calls, with 89 of them handled remotely. Service calls are logged either by email or phone call then assessed followed by a response within 4 hrs. Determinations will then be made to either resolve the issue remotely or if it requires on-site attention from a technician. On specific occasions, we equip our clients with Vuzix Glasses, enabling our technicians to observe remotely the operations of the user and provide precise assistance based on the operator’s scanner usage. At Inotec, our proficiency, dedication, and commitment to excellence ensure that we deliver unparalleled service to our valued clients across a wide spectrum of industries and locations. With a track record of successful installations and a comprehensive range of services, we stand ready to meet and exceed the needs of our diverse client base.

Preventative Maintenance

Annually, our highly skilled technicians conduct an average of sixty-nine preventative maintenance services. These services are registered in our PM schedule, occurring on the month of the installation anniversary or at a pre-arranged time convenient for our clients. Our preventative maintenance service includes a complete and thorough inspection of all hardware components, complete clean, service, calibration, lubrication of all drive components, software upgrades if available, and the replacement of any worn parts if required. All work conducted on a scanner is meticulously recorder as part of our service history against the device with both Inotec and Zeutschel. This preventative maintenance service ensures our clients scanner solution runs efficiently and at its peak performance and provides longevity for their scanner investment.


What Our Clients Say

  • Corey Lambert and the team at InoTec made the difficult process of selecting a new scanner for our digitisation centre easier and were quick to respond to our many questions and meet with us via Zoom. InoTec has been handling the maintenance and servicing of one of our Zeutschel scanners for several years, and we have recently moved the agreements for our other Zeutschel scanners to InoTec. They have been prompt to attend our site to performance maintenance and have been professional, and knowledgeable. We are very happy with the products and services that InoTec has provided for us.

    Kathryn Lindsay | Manager, University Digitisation Centre and Digitised Collections

    The University of Melbourne
  • We developed a great working relationship with InoTech over the past two years. Their dedication in providing quality services and products is evident in many aspects of our work. We highly appreciate their attention to detail and proactive support we receive whenever required

    FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand Limited
  • Since 2017 In Australia and New Zealand, Elarscan universal planetary scanners are represented by Inotec Pty. Inotec have a strong high reputation among scanning professionals. The company provided installation of the scanner on site, conducted training of employees, provides priority technical support and consulting. We are very satisfied with InoTec and our solution outcomes.

    University of Divinity, Melbourne
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