OM 1 Advanced

OM 1 Advanced

OM 1 Advanced creates digital images from microfilm aperture cards. The OM 1 Advanced comes with Hollerith read and auto-feed hopper, for unattended batch scanning.



Product Advantages:

Enhanced Camara System

  • New linescan camera with 8192 pixels
  • Highest image quality
  • Camera connects directly to the USB3 port

Increased hopper capacity of up to 300 cards in automatic batch scanning
Affordable and convenient solution to convert your microfilm aperture cards straight to digital images at full resolution
Auto white-balance (AWB) produces the best pos­sible images from each card
Hi-speed USB plug-and-play connectivity
Virtual-rescan – automatically reprocesses the scan­ned image with alternative imaging parameters; no need to physically rescan the aperture card
Flexible scanning solution: OM 1 Advanced scans any ISO aperture card, with no extras or modifications to purchase

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