OS A Series

OS A Series

Imagine being able to digitize diverse collections with just one device and not having to compromise on quality. The OS A was developed precisely for the demands of perfection and practicality. Our latest generation overhead scanner is based on a unique approach that enables consistently brilliant results.



The secret of perfection: our scanning software
The heart of the OS A overhead scanner is our OmniScan 12 software which calibrates all camera settings and image processing at the push of a button. It enables one to optimally set quality parameters such as exposure, color rendering and shading. If the project settings such as format, light or lens change, the user simply triggers the automatic recalibration of the system in the software. This calibration is possible at any time and ensures that you receive reproducible, constant results of the highest quality.

Unique: The automatic quality check in real time
With the OS QM Tool quality analysis software, the operator can check the results of the test chart for compliance with the image quality specifications of ISO 19264-1 or relevant guidelines such as Metamorfoze or FADGI. With the Object Level Target, which is placed next to your originals, 100% quality assurance is achieved via the interface between the OmniScan software and the OS QM Tool.

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