Scanning in unprecedented quality

Product advantages

  • RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
  • Resolution of up to 1000 ppi
  • Fulfills ISO 19264-1 Level A, Metamorfoze Full and FADGI 4 Star
  • Internal image processing with 96 bit depth
  • Data output in 48 bit/24 bit color and 16 bit/8 bit degree as well as 1 Bit b/w
  • True RGB capture on each pixel (no color interpolation)
  • Color rendering index of LED lighting CRI >97
  • True parallel scanning
  • Camera Link interface for fastest image transfer
  • Optical zoom Variable lighting times and mechanical aperture settings
  • Copyboard systems for a wide range of formats
  • OmniScan software with 48 bit data output
  • Focused line lighting for glare-free operation


  • Highest scanning speed
  • Perfect Book – 3D scan technology for perfect book curve correction
  • Parallel scanning and saving process based on 64 bit technology and multi-threading
  • Scanning in both directions, forwards and backwards (bidirectional)
  • High productivity based on ROI scan function (limitation of the area to be scanned)
  • Color rendering corresponds to the original
  • No UV/IR radiation
  • No reflections with high-shine originals
  • Ergonomic work method with or without glass plate
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