A1-600 KS

A1-600 KS

ElarScanA1-600KS is a planetary scanner for fast and convenient color, grayscale and black-and-white digitization of books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers and various types of bound documents up to A1 format. The contactless method of digitization eliminates the mechanical impact on the originals providing their safety.

The main features of ElarScan A1-600KS are the presence of a flat folding glass and a reinforced automated cradle, which allows you to gently press the original against the glass from the bottom with the pressing force control and scan massive wide-format originals weighing up to 50 kg. The four-segment LED lighting system is able to provide both uniform lighting and the transmission of textures and artistic features of the originals.

The scanner is equipped with a professional 50MP CMOS RGB camera, which allows for high-quality digitization with the ability to autofocus and automatically adjust to originals of various thicknesses and textures. It is possible to focus on objects up to A3 format and access to the scan system control functions in the embedded ScanImage software.

ElarScan A1-600KS is equipped with a V-shaped automated book cradle, with independent adjustment of the angle and the position of each lodgement. Separate control of each lodgement is carried out using the control panel, which also has synchronous control modes for raising the cradle and flattening glass. The cradle can open at 90, 120 and 180 degrees and is designed to scan originals up to 30 cm thick (15 cm when using flattening glass) and weighing up to 50 kg. Separate lifting of the plates allows scanning the books and bound documents lifting the right and left pages separately. All the main elements of the book cradle design are made of metal and have high resource of work at the maximum load.



The scanner comes complete with an ergonomic cabinet providing the most convenient working height for the operator and is equipped with a convenient drawer for documents or other materials with sliding doors. The cabinet is installed on the mobile chassis that provides convenient movement of the scanner indoors. To set the horizontal position of the scanner, the cabinet is equipped with screw supports. Also, optionally the scanner can be equipped with a flat tabletop for scanning originals in A0 format.

Working with the scanner is as simple as possible, convenient and does not require special skills from the user, allowing you to quickly and efficiently scan, process and transfer any amount of data. User actions are reduced to placing the document on the cradle (face up) and starting scanning in any of the convenient ways: using the built-in control software (including the algorithm for determining page turn), according to the time interval, from the scanner remote control or by lowering the pressure glass.

ElarScan A1-600KS is a fully autonomous device with feature-rich embedded software for mass scanning and subsequent processing of electronic images. Electronic images are saved directly to the scanner memory, an external USB drive, or immediately to the network (to an employee’s personal station, server or cloud storage).

One of the most important advantages of ElarScan A1-600KS is its price: the scanner is one of the most inexpensive A1 + planetary scanners on the market with no consumables that should be changed during operation. Therefore, the scanner is extremely cost-effective with high degree of reliability during intensive operation, and a set of functional features, technical and operational characteristics and software capabilities in the basic configuration that put it several levels higher than its closest competitors, making it a truly universal and professional digitization tool with a shooting range from A3 to A0 format.

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