A2-450(650) KS

A2-450(650) KS

The ElarScan A2-*50KS planetary scanner, designed for quick and convenient color, grayscale and black-and-white digitization of massive books and folios of archival files, can also work in the standard scanning mode for flat and bound originals up to A2+ format.

The main feature of the *50KS modification is a fully automated, remote-controlled cradle for originals up to 50 cm thick and up to 50 kg. Flat hinged glass allows you to effectively flat pages even with such massive originals.

The design of scanner optical system includes an RGB sensor enabling high-quality digitization with an option to autofocus and automatically adjust to originals of various thickness and textures. The scanner comes with two options of the optic system:

ElarScan А2-450KS has a professional CMOS RGB 24 MP camera and is ideal for efficient digitization of textual documents and good quality books.
ElarScan А2-650KS has a professional CMOS RGB 50 MP camera, which expands the possibilities of using the scanner for digitalization of graphics, damaged documents and low-contrast texts.



ElarScan A2-*50KS is equipped with a deep automated book cradle for scanning originals in A2 format up to 50 cm thick and weighing up to 50 kg. The cradle is controlled using the remote control. The flat clamping module made of tempered glass with the horizontal locking mechanism allows you to conveniently and safely flat the surface of the originals when scanning in stream mode. If it is necessary to work without flattening glass, it is fixed in a vertical position and does not interfere with the scanning process.
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