A2-400(600) WU

A2-400(600) WU

ElarScan A2 “WU” model is a special modification of basic ElarScan book scanners with integrated touch-screen monitor for self scanning by visitors of reading halls of libraries and archives, any public access areas – without using mouse, keyboard, flattening glasses.The design of scanner optical system includes an RGB sensor enabling high-quality digitization with an option to autofocus and automatically adjust to originals of various thickness and shape.

The ElarScan А2-400 modification is equipped with a V-shaped manual book cradle with independent adjustment of the opening angles and an additional recess for the spine. The cradle can open at 90, 120 to 180 degrees and is designed to scan originals up to 15 cm thick and weighing up to 15 kg. All the main elements of the book cradle design are made of metal and have high resource of work at the maximum load. If it is necessary to align the originals in the V-shaped mode, it is possible to use an autonomous flattening glass (optional).



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