Since creating the world’s first production level microfilm scanner in 1989, Mekel Technology has remained at the forefront of microfilm technology with their industry acclaimed MACH-series scanners. Relied upon by countless archives, service bureaus, government agencies, corporations and other institutions, the MACH-series provide fast and accurate digitization of all types of 16mm and 35mm microfilm.

The Mekel MACH5 microfilm scanner is known as the “best of both worlds” for its ability to provide both quality image capture and fast scan speeds of 500 images or more per minute (1000 images or more per minute using speed mode).



Quantum Software
All MACH-series microfilm scanners include the revolutionary Quantum software suite.

Hybrid Approach
Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microfilm scanning allows clients to outsource the digitization to Crowley’s Digitization Services branch and process the images in-house using QuantumProcess software.

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