The MACH7 Mekel microfiche scanner, now with Mekel 2.0, represents the latest evolution in a long line of Mekel Technology digitization products. Designed to accommodate various microfiche, aperture card and jacket formats, the MACH7 creates superior image quality at high speeds from even the most difficult film.

Relied upon in service bureaus, institutions, agencies and other end-users with large volumes of microfiche records to digitize — such as the Texas Supreme Court — the MACH7 sets the industry standard and has a well-earned reputation as the most-automated, reliable and easy to use production microfiche scanner on the market. Automation features such as a specialized fiche pick-up arm and batch scanning modes facilitate quick, uninterrupted scanning while features such as full fiche pre-scan ensure that all images are captured at first pass.



Quantum Software
The MACH7 microfiche scanner purchase includes Mekel Technology’s tried and true FastFiche software for on the fly capture and the revolutionary Quantum software suite. Encompassing QuantumScan and QuantumProcess, the Quantum software shortcut, editing and processing features and options have proven to triple operator scanning production.

Hybrid Approach
Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microfiche and microfilm conversions allows clients to outsource the actual material scanning to Crowley’s digitization services bureau and process the images in-house using QuantumProcess software

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