Zeutschel OS A: One scanner for all formats

June 2, 2022


Zeutschel OS A: One scanner for all formats
World premiere at the 8th Library Congress in Leipzig: Zeutschel presents the modular, universal overhead scanner OS A.

Now digitize your heterogeneous collections with a single device, in consistently high image quality and with maximum productivity and flexibility.
Achieve perfect results quickly and reliably

We use selected digital cameras of the semi-professional and professional class for image capture. At the heart of our new overhead scanner is Zeutschel’s OmniScan 12 capturing software, which handles both the necessary camera settings and all the image optimizations right through to the finished image – and all this in an automated process.

And if the project parameters change, OmniScan 12 automatically recalibrates the scanner (One-Button-Calibration).

This gives you control over key quality features of your digital images, such as exposure, color rendering and shading. You achieve consistently high image results that can be reproduced at any time, enabling you to carry out projects in compliance with ISO standard 19264-1 or common quality guidelines such as Metamorfoze and FADGI, as well as in line with DFG codes of practice.

On-the-fly quality check

In many digitization projects, image quality is checked on a random basis, for example at defined intervals, at the start of the day’s production, or when project parameters change. If you want to digitize every single image in a production environment with equally good quality, this approach is not acceptable.

Zeutschel has addressed this challenge by developing a new automated process that enables continuous image quality control. In doing so, we combine two established software solutions: OmniScan 12 and the quality analysis software OS QM Tool.

On this basis, you can define the quality parameters that are decisive for the project in the software. The third solution component is a so-called “Object Level Target”, which is placed next to the original and is on the same level of focus as the original.

After the scan has been triggered, the image data of the “Object Level Target” are transferred to the OS QM Tool. This tool analyzes the image results and indicates whether the inspection has been passed or not. All this happens in a fraction of a second without affecting the scan cycle.

Our new process thus allows, for the first time, to check the most important quality features with every scan. This makes one hundred percent certainty of results a reality in your digitization projects.

Maximum flexibility and investment security

Choose between semi-professional and professional camera models from renowned manufacturers according to your needs.

Our new OS A overhead scanner has a modular design and can be equipped with various copyboard systems. Various book cradles and a backlight table ensure gentle and productive digitization of a wide variety of originals – from files, books and documents to photos, slides and paintings to coins and seals.

Thanks to the modular system design and flexibility in camera selection, you are also ideally prepared for the future.

Thanks to its compact, space-saving design, the OS A can also be used in smaller rooms. And if your digitization projects require you to work at different locations, the OS A can easily keep up.

Best of all, with the OS A, we’re setting a new price/performance standard for camera-based overhead scanners. Let us surprise you!

Experience our new scanner highlight, the OS A, “live” at the Zeutschel booth level 0 / C01!

Get more information about the scanner OS A.

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